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Change Change Change

Yes, I am changing hosts yet once again. If you've seen any funkiness here since about Thursday, that would be why. I changed to a new host less than 30 days ago and have had nothing but problems with them. SOOOO I'm changing hosts. Right now, we are waiting for the DNS to resolve (in english that just means my site bounces between the old and new servers). Looking for a new host is sort of like looking at alternative energy companies. There are a lot out there, but you have to find one that fits your needs.  And my needs are great.  Who knew?  After blogging as long as I have, my blogs are somewhat big (and probably bloated too).  I thought I was going to a good company when I changed hosts the first time (I had a friend who had a great experience with the hosting company I went with).  However, it was anything but. I couldn't get people to respond to emails.  Their customer service didn't speak English all that great, and they knew nothing.  Every time I called in, all they did was set up a support ticket — sometimes hours later.  Yeah, their support was a joke.  My favorite had to be when my new host was trying to make a backup to transfer my files, and every backup was corrupt (including the one I tried to make for them).  When I contacted the old host, I was told to figure out why the files were corrupt myself.  Yeah, so glad I am done with them.

The new host has been pretty awesome and has solved all of the issues that came up (including the corrupt files issue).  What hosting company do you use?  What has been your experience?  Is there anyone you would recommend not using?

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  1. My web hosting company is Hostgator. What i really like this company is there customer support. They can be reached 24/7 and they always prompt you with solutions right away. You don't have to wait for a week or so.

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