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Cheerios Snack Mix

We are a snacking house, so when I saw that Cheerios was coming out with a new snack mix, I knew we wanted to try it.  Bill and Madison actually eat Cheerios on their own as a snack, so a mix that incorporates them is even better.

For some reason, the bag turned blue when I uploaded the picture.  When you actually go to buy them, they are in a yellow bag (same yellow color as a Cheerios box).  We tried the Cheddar ones here.  Now, I personally would have liked the original ones better.  I don't like cheddar seasoning on my food.  However, everyone else in my house couldn't get enough of these.  They ate the entire bag last weekend.  Bill wants to get some more for Madison's birthday party (in January).  It is the perfect snack for that.  (I also make a killer dip that this would work well with also.)  It is also a perfect snack to just sit around and eat when you don't want chips.  There are Cheerios, crackers, chex cereal, and pretzels in it.  Everything is whole grain, and it is baked not deep fried.  The mom in me loves that.  I think it retails in the $3 (aff) range, so it is right there with other snack foods out there in price.

I would recommend this snack for eating just around the house or a party.  It was a big hit here!

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