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Chicago Wolves Game

Due to the sickness that is rampaging through my family (I just spent last night in Urgent Care, so I'm not immune either), I haven't had a chance to post about our trip to a Chicago Wolves game. I have to tell you — if you haven't gone yet, this is a must see!

We started our evening at their FunFest.  I'm not sure if they always have that, but it is well worth going!  It is free as long as you have tickets to the game.  You can do a ton of stuff with the kids like shooting hockey pucks:

Getting your picture taken as a hockey player:

We got to make signs:

And even get our faces painted:

After all that fun, we went and found our seats:

I have to admit — I think my kids like the pregame the most though:

Not only was their fire on the ice as they were announcing the players (Those flames shot up in the air.  You could feel the heat in our seats. It was awesome), they also had fireworks going off.  You didn't know where to look.  It was a great start to the game!  It really got you into and it was awesome to watch.

The hockey game was great too!  Lots of fighting (its hockey, what do you expect?) and an awesome game even though we lost.

The Chicago Wolves have really made their games family friendly.  I'd highly recommend taking your kids to a game.  They will have a blast.  I know we did!

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