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This week, Disney released Chimpanzee. For me, I have been waiting for this. I did not get a chance to see Chimpanzee in the theater, so I was dying to see this movie.

Chimpanzee follows the real life adventure of Oscar. This young chimpanzee showcases the intelligence and ingenuity of some of the personalities of the animal kingdom. You also get to see something that had never been captured on film before (I'm not going to tell you what, so I don't ruin the story for you. I had seen an interview about this before, so needless to say, I had a bit of a spoiler.).

To celebrate the in-home debut of Chimpanzee, Disneynature will be continuing the “See ‘Chimpanzee,' Save Chimpanzees” conservation program. For every purchase of the movie through August 27, Disneynature will make a donation to the Jane Goodall Institute to conserve the chimpanzee habitat, education, and provide care for orphaned chimpanzees.

The Blu-ray Combo Pack is jam packed with bonus features including an in-depth behind-the-scenes footage showcasing the efforts to document the making of the film, a music video for “Rise”, and a feature on Disney's conservation legacy. There is much more too!

Chimpanzee did not disappoint. My kids and I loved the movie. It was just as good as I had heard too. It is one of the few non-cartoon movies that my kids have watched multiple times. My kids thought Oscar was super cute too. Here is a sneak preview:

I can only recommend Chimpanzee!

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