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Little Chimp's Big Day

This book is about a big time adventure that a little chimp has. Little Chimps Big Day is about what happens when the branch he's on snaps and all the wonderful things he sees.  Though he is having fun, the Little Chimp keeps asking “where could mother be?”  The best part?  My three year didn't catch this, but my six year old did — Little Chimp's mom had an eye on him the whole time!

This book is both entertaining and comforting to kids.  I love that the verses on each page rhyme which definitely helps keep the little ones entertained.  The illustrations are also quite good.  You don't even need the words on the page to tell you what is going on!  That is how good they are.  I love how this encourages independence, but lets our little ones know that mom and dad are always watching.

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