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Chris Medina, American Idol, and Steven Tyler

I don't ever watch American Idol. The show just really doesn't do anything for me. However, this year I've tuned in on and off because I wanted to see the new judges. Bill is a huge Aerosmith fan, so we've read the band's autobiography, and we've been to at least 5 concerts.

When Chris Medina came on last night and we heard his story, my heart broke. I, with the rest of America, was cheering him on as he sang. Here's what we saw:

It's okay. Go get some tissues. Steven Tyler didn't need to say what he did to Chris Medina's girlfriend, but he did. They all shook her hand. I'm mighty impressed. All the judges did something they didn't have to do. I hope America saw that and learns to treat the handicapped like real people like the judges did.

Did you watch American Idol last night? What were your thoughts?

11 thoughts on “Chris Medina, American Idol, and Steven Tyler

  1. I haven't been watching this season although I am a HUGE Steven Tyler fan also. Thanks for sharing this video Lisa! It was awesome! I might just tune in – maybe it will be a worthwhile watch.

  2. When they showed his girlfriend now, compared to the photos of them together before the accident, my heart just broke. And when he said he was going to promise to love her in sickness and health, so what kind of man would he be if he walked away from her, well, his parents should be proud.

    The judges introducing themselves, Steven leaning over and whispering in her ear that Chris sang for her and sang so well, then kissing her forehead, I got teary. That was just plain classy.

  3. That was heart-touching. I'm glad they voted him to go to Hollywood so he'll have something exciting going on in his life to look forward to. He truly deserves a break – hope he goes all the way to become America's new Idol!

  4. The video which they have shown really needs a admiration. The voice of this singer is very sweet. I have missed the American Idol last night. So I was very much eager to watch all of these things.

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