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I cannot believe that it is time to put our Christmas lists together. I am really wondering what to put on the kids' lists. Since the recalls, I am not sure what is safe anymore. Who knew that a volcano vaporizer is safer than a Mattel toy? Isn't that crazy? Bill has no idea what he wants. I want a vacuum/sweeper/mop thing for hardwood floors. I think Bissel makes one. I also want a new shredder since I blew up the one I had. I would also love a gift certificate to Merry Maids or some other cleaning service. That would be great. Bill has no idea what he wants. Anybody else thinking about Christmas already?

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  1. Wow, volcano vaporizer is safer than a toy? Haven't heard of that one before …

    Haha, I had actually completely forgotten Christmas was coming until I read this! x_x No idea what I want. 😛

  2. Nah, it's pretty early to start thinking about Christmas for me.

    I can sort of tell I'm growing up, because I was about to suggest that you buy clothes for the kids in place of toys…but then I realized that would be lame. Guess I'm not so grown up.

    Good luck on getting that vacuum thingy!

  3. Oh, I have totally been thinking about it. I am keeping a mental note of a few things but it's getting to the point where I am going to need to start writing things down. My 5 year old said today that she wants a wallet. That should be fairly simple. Of course, Webkinz are a big item on my girls' list. My boys are dying for the new Guitar Hero 3 but I have told them they will have to wait until Christmas even though it comes out this month. Hubby always wants he and I to agree to not get each other anything. The problem is….I like presents. LOL

  4. Why is it that women are able to say exactly what's on their wish list and men never seem to have any idea what they want? This drives me nuts at birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas! My husband is so very hard to buy for simply because he won't tell me what he wants!

  5. Hello Lisa, The story you helped create, "Scotophobia" is now posted. Here is the url:
    A horror story is very apropo at the this time of year. By the way scotophobia means fear of darkness and it will make sense when you read the story.

    I hope you enjoy the story as much I enjoyed reading. I appreciate your participation in my project.


  6. I don't really want to think too hard about christmas and shopping if I don't have to. But, it's good to know that I'm not the only one that can break a shredder! LOL

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