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Christmas Cards

What to do — what to do. Here is my Christmas card dilemma — do I go to Sears and have some Christmas cards done? That is what I have done the last couple of years. However, I could set up a little studio here and take some pictures tomorrow in front of the Christmas tree (well, that is, if we actually get the tree up). Then I could upload the picture to my computer and either just print out pictures to include with our Christmas cards or head over to Walgreens and do their picture cards. Then I wouldn't have to wait 10 days or more, and it would be a lot cheaper since I need to order over 60 cards! Decision, decisions. I have checked the cards we have gotten so far. A couple of my friends have went the professional route, some took a picture they took over the summer and used that, some took a recent picture and just shoved it in the card, and some used their kids school pictures. Well, that sure didn't help me decide. On the subject of Christmas cards, I am not a person who writes up those “Christmas letters”. I don't think anyone wants to know that I found a good deal over at www.corvetteguys.com or that Madison is fully potty trained. (Now, if you send out those letters, more power to you. I do not.) Which brings me back to where I started — how do you do your Christmas cards and what should I do?

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