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Christmas Countdown: Jones Soda

Ever wonder (aff) what to get for the person who has everything? Jones Soda has the answer for you! How about a customized label on a few bottles of their soda (well, actually you order a 12 pack)?  This works not only for the person who you don't know what to buy for but also for grandparents and other family members.  This also works great for other holidays and even bridal showers.  How awesome would it be to pick up a bottle of this soda at the rehearsal dinner at a wedding and see the bride and groom's picture on there.

The process is really quite simple.  All you need to do is log into www.myjones.com.  You then submit the photo you want to use.  If you need some ideas, they have a photo gallery of other pictures people have submitted.  Then you pick which flavor of soda you'd like the picture to be one.  There have several flavors including Fufu Berry, Orange & Cream, Blue Bubblehum, and Ameri-cola.  Once ordered, your bottles will show up on your doorstep within 3 (aff) – 4 weeks.  A 12 pack sells for $29.99 plus shipping.

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0 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown: Jones Soda

  1. As a family, we like Jones Soda but find most of their Thanksgiving special edition flavours to be disgusting. Every year, we buy a set and offer $50 to someone who will drink the whole pack. A few years ago, someone did and it was funny and horrifyingly disgusting at the time. He threw up after Brussel Sprouts I think it was.

    But yeah, their other stuff is awesome. I need to look into this so we can all stomach the "Jones Tradition"

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