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Christmas Shopping

One of the other things I really need to get finished is my Christmas shopping.  My goal was to have 3 (aff)/4 of it done by Thanksgiving.  I am not sure if that is going to happen.  I have people currently sitting on my list that I have no idea what I am going to get them.  For these people, I tend to fall back on my standby of gift cards.  Everyone loves gift cards.  I know I adore them.  Then, I am able to get what I want without having to stand in the return line.  Plus, as a shopper, it saves me time.  I know that it takes away from the giving spirit of picking something special out, but do you really care if I spend 3 (aff) hours looking for something for you or if I spend 10 minutes a buy you some gift cards instead?  Maybe the better question is — what do you buy for that hard to buy for person?

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