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Chuck & Friends: Big Air Dare Movie

Will is a huge Chuck The Truck fan. We own several of the “chucks”, so we were super excited to find out that Chuck has a movie now! .

In Big Air Dare, Chuck meets Flip The Race Truck for the first time. Each truck shares his special talents. Chuck is great at lifting and building, and Flip can race fast and do incredible stunts. Competition sparks, and the trucks challenge each other to a contest. Chuck creates a stunt course and tries to do better tricks than Flip. Flip builds a tall tower and tries to climb higher than Chuck. In the end, the trucks learn a valuable lesson: they need each other to succeed.

Will really liked this movie (I won't tell you how many times I've seen it!). I love that message that Big Air Dare has and love how it shows the true meaning of friendship. Special features on the DVD include sing-alongs, animated storybooks, a look behind the scenes and a meet-the-characters segment for even more CHUCK & FRIENDS fun. At 44 minutes, the movie is a perfect length for those of use who have kids with very short attention spans! Will thought it was beyond cool to see his toys on the big screen here at home (aff)!

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