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Cleaning and saving energy

How do you save energy when you are cleaning?  I often joke that I have a one year old.  I don't need to clean the floor.  He takes care of it.  If anything is on the floor, it is in Will's mouth.  I don't even need to call him.  I either need to keep the floor clean or he takes care of it.  Trust me, it can be pretty nasty when leftover food falls on the floor and we don't realize it.  The next day we are pulling things out of his mouth and playing the “what is this game”.

I am all for saving the environment.  I have two kids that I am passing this world down to.  I want them to have a good world to live in.  When I saw that Dirt Devil has a new vacuum that is actually Energy Star approved, I got a little excited. These are the types of products that mommies like me are looking for. We have to clean and this makes it easier and better for our kids.  I have owned several dirt devil products, and they are a good brand.  At my townhouse, we exclusively used a Dirt Devil to clean the stairs (and we have 3 flights of them!).  In this house, we only have the bedrooms that have carpet.  However, I would love a small cordless vacuum that I could use to get under the beds and in the spots that the vacuum doesn't fit!  Think if I tell Bill that I am saving the environment, he'll let me buy it?

3 thoughts on “Cleaning and saving energy

  1. I like my Dirt Devil rechargeable broom vacuum. Cordless feature is nice and the battery lasts a long time. When sweeping pet hair I have to clear the filter often otherwise the motor seems to suffocate. I have used other types of stick vacuums and actually prefer this one. My opinion is if you’re going to spend $25-50 on something like this – go for it. All-in-all using the Dirt Devil broom vac is much better than the traditional broom and dust pan.

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