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Clear Excellence® Sparkling Flavored Beverages

I just tried doing a google search on this awesome water and I can't find anything about it which is crazy. I decided that the world definitely needs to know about this water.

We originally bought the Clear Excellence® Sparkling Flavored water, because we were having a hard time getting Madison to drink water. The plan was to buy flavored water and see what happens. Actually, this turned out better than we expected. This water is carbonated, so Madison thinks it is soda. (Yes, I am a bad mom and didn't correct her.) She thinks it is awesome that we buy her soda every time we go shopping.

Madison now drinks water and loves it.  I have tried a few of the flavors (and there are a lot of them), and they aren't too bad.  Mommy might have to start drinking water now too.  When on sale, I can get a 1L bottle for $.69.  Not on sale they are usually a dollar a piece.  However, if it gets Madison drinking water it is well worth it.

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8 thoughts on “Clear Excellence® Sparkling Flavored Beverages

  1. Please help. I started drinking clear excellance water and love it. Now I can't find it anywhere. How can I buy it? Has it been taken of the market? thanks. John Conway.

  2. John-

    I feel your pain. My life revolved around Clear Excellence Strawberry Kiwi water and now that my grocery store of choice, Albertsons, has decided to not carry it anymore, I simply cannot fathom what I will do next. Where can I buy this water?

  3. 😥 I, also, am quite a consumer of Clear Excellence bottled water. I have recently been told by my supermarket,"Acme", a recent aquistion of Albertson's, that they will no longer carry this product.
    Talk about withdrawal.
    PLEASE, if anyone knows where it can be purchased let me know. I have looked in all the local stores and I am desperate.

  4. Wow, look at us! There are people out there as crazy about that stuff as I am 😀
    I used to buy it at my local Albertsons, and they took it out and put in this "CHILL" stuff- Shasta, basically.
    Oooh that crisp, wonderful Clear Excellence. I'll be sure to post on here if I find it . In the meantime I've discovered White Tea, brewed from bags at home and sweetened lightly to my taste. It has a refreshing light flavor as mild as cucumber. Same plant as Green Tea but with much less grassiness and even more antioxidants. Very hot-but not boiling-water to brew

  5. Ugh, what a nightmare! I was intorduced to Clear Excellence by my boyfriend and we can't get it anymore either. We used to purchase it at Acme, but since all Acme's are run by Albertson's – what they say goes and that means no more Clear Excellence.

    I don't like the brand they replaced it with either. Just not the same! The closest I have found is available at Aldi – I don't recall the name but it's the only carbonated flavored water they carry. Also, Target has a few similar flavors and isn't all that bad either – their store brand is what I have tried.

    If anyone happens to find out how or where I can get Clear Excellence, I would be in your debt! I miss it soooo much!

  6. Good news: Wal*Mart carries Sam's Choice Clear American which is the closest I have found to the Clear Excellence.
    Bad news: They don't always have the flavors I like. As a matter of fact, I haven't been able to locate Strawberry Banana since Albertson's switched brands (which, I agree, are not even close to Clear Excellence). 😥

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