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Clementine and the Family Meeting

In Sara Pennypacker's new book, Clementine and the Family Meeting, Clementine finds herself facing the prospect of a new brother or sister and not quite sure how to handle it. With the help of a rat named Eighteen and her new grown up tool belt, Clementine comes to terms with having a new baby in the family.  I love that this book is a fun look at a subject that many kids find themselves in.  It really gives a voice to the big brothers and the big sisters.  They don't get  a choice of new family additions yet it chances their life forever.  This book is perfect for children who will become big brothers or sisters and for those who just enjoy a good laugh.

Madison and I both read this book.  It really makes me want to read the whole series.  It is a fun book that really gets to the heart to the family changes new siblings bring.  This series is recommended for the 7-10 year age range.

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