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Clorox 2 Review & Giveaway

cloroxAs a busy work at home (aff) mom, I am always looking for something to help me out with the household chores.  I really don't care to do laundry, so sometimes I fall into the bad habit of not sorting our clothes.  What ends up happening is that our whites get that dingy grey look.  There really hasn't been anything that I have tried that gets rid of that until recently.

When I first tried Clorox 2 (aff), I wasn't sure how well it really was going to work.  However, I am believer in this now.  On the first load of laundry I did (and it was a mixed load of colors, towels, and white socks), I noticed a difference immediately, and this was before I even put the load into the dryer.  I definitely saw some brighter colors.  However, I was amazed how much better my whites looked!  To be honest, I wasn't expecting that.  I also love that it comes a small bottle and is he.  I have a front loader that requires he products, so that makes me happy too.

Now, would you be interested in making your laundry look better?  If so, I have 4 coupons for Clorox 2 (aff) to giveaway.  Interested?  Here's what to do:

Each one of these things earns you one entry:

1. Leave a comment on this post. Head over to Clorox 2 site and tell me something you learned.
2. Twitter about this contest. Please leave me your username so I can verify.
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This giveaway will end on December 22 at 8:00 pm CST is available to US residents. Good luck!

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0 thoughts on “Clorox 2 Review & Giveaway

  1. Stop dull, dingy colors by adding Clorox 2 and detergent to your laundry with every wash they were all over it. 😛 good site!

  2. Had never thought of pouring any bleach directly on a stain, but supposedly you can do that with this and it will not only take the stain out, but not harm the fabric.

  3. Not only does Clorox 2® contain biodegradable ingredients, but the packaging is made with recycled materials, so you can recycle it.

    Thanks for a great giveaway

  4. I learned pour a little Clorox 2 onto a stain, rub it in, wait a little and wash with Clorox 2 and detergent.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. I didn't really learn anything that I didn't know already. I love Clorox products and use them regularly. I guess I did learn one thing…I really think that guy is annoying! 🙂

  6. From clicking over to Clorox 2 I learned that: lose the stain, keep the color or your money back. With that solid guarantee from Clorox 2 how can you go wrong? Seriously, if they stand behind their product that much why wouldn't you want to use it? I also learned in the ask questions that if our clothes could talk they would say "Thank you" for using Clorox 2 (lol, sorry but that one got a good chuckle out of me) 😆

  7. I read that it is safe for front loading washing machines. This is good, because I have a front loading washing machine.

  8. I learn it makes colors brighter & cleans with the power of clorox without fading colors.
    I learned it's 2x consentrated & made with biodegradable ingredients!

  9. Not only does Clorox 2® contain biodegradable ingredients, but the packaging is made with recycled materials, so you can recycle it. Also, we now use less water, plastic and cardboard to make Clorox 2®, so overall it's better for the environment!
    Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

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