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Closing up Shop

No, no . . . not here. However, on my contest blog, I am really neglecting it. With having 5 blogs, I am finding that I am neglecting them all, so I decided to combine my contest blog into this one.  You will now periodically see contest roundups here (and who doesn't like a contest).

Also, you all may have seen funky posts coming across my feed.  Well, ummm, that was my fault.  I have been trying to figure out how to post from my phone to here, so you all could see a few pictures from Disney when we go (since my husband is refusing to let me pay for internet when we are there).  Well, something was blocking it.  After two days of messing around, I figured out it was the Bad Behavior plugin.  However, once I disabled that it let all the test posts through.  Of course, I didn't notice right away either.  However, that craziness is done now, and everything seems to be working well.

I've also added a Disney ticker, so we can all see how long it is before I go to Disney.  I'll be honest, I did it more for me than you, but it does look cool.  I just hope this next month goes by quickly.

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