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I just got Bill the denim shirt that I ordered for him. He loves it. I love it. Here is what it looks like:

I had Bill model it for you guys (he wasn't real thrilled but did it anyway). I am impressed. For the price, it is a great quality shirt. It is machine washable too (which is a huge plus in my book). They have big sizes — all the way up to 10x. You can even get the shirts in tall. They have several syles of shirts, and they also carry mesh shorts, hats, and polo shirts (just to name a few things). You can also get women's and maternity shirts too. My other favorite part is that they have infant and toddler shirts too! I love this shirt we got and the Clothing4All company, so I am ordering some more shirts for Christmas presents. I am also ordering Bill a new wardrobe for work.

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