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CobraCo Steel Fireplace with Black Powdered Finish

Bill has been dying to get a fire pit for the yard. I have always been worried about the kids with one, but we have a solution: the CobraCo Steel Fireplace with Black Powdered Finish.

We recently got to try out the CobraCo Steel Fireplace with Black Powdered Finish. It features a light-weight steel base, a fixed wire screen enclosure with two removable doors, a pleasing powder black finish, and a protective vinyl cover.

Now, this fireplace definitely had some pros and cons. The fireplace comes complete with hardware. However, we found the directions a tad confusing because the screws weren't labeled. To be honest, I would not have been able to put this together myself just due to that. My husband was able to figure out what screws went where. Once we figured that out, it was fairly easy to assemble. Bill's main complaint is that he wished the base attacked to the legs somehow. When you go to move it, you end up having to have 2 (aff) people do it. I have to grab the legs while he grabs everything else to move it around in the yard. Another issue we had with the CobraCo Steel Fireplace with Black Powdered Finish is the mesh. The mesh on top seemed to warp after having fire in there. The mesh sides also didn't line up correctly on ours. For the price, I expected to not have a large gap on one side.

That being said, overall we liked the fireplace. The base was deep, so we were able to put a lot of wood in there. The mesh also held in the embers so they were not flying out all over. For us, this was the kind of fireplace we were looking for because it keeps the fire in and less of a hazard for the dogs and the kids. We also love how it looks (which is nice and slick). I also love that it comes with a cover, so we can protect it.

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