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How do you tell if your child has colic?  In doing research, I found that it isn't considered colic if they cry less than 3 (aff) hours straight for more than 3 (aff) days a week.  However, Will does have these symptoms:  draws his legs to his belly, becomes red in the face, passes gas a lot, and has difficulty staying asleep.  The only way he sleeps for any amount of time is if we let him sleep on us.  However, he does not cry for 3 hours a night straight.  We are more at the hour mark.

Any thoughts?

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  1. I know this post was from a long time ago, but wanted to comment. I think pretty much all babies have some unexplained fussiness and/or crying. Research shows that all babies experience an increase in crying and fussiness up until the 6 week mark, at which point it starts to decrease. Even when you know this, it's still so frustrating not knowing what's wrong and not being able to calm them!

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