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Combat Giveaway!

I don't care who you are — you've had ants in your house at least once. The last couple of years, we ended up with ants in my kitchen. Just the little itty bitty ones, but we still get them. However, this year with the crazy weather we've had, we ended up with ants in the basement instead. My kids are terrible about leaving the juice and food down there. Also, my upstairs has just been too hot. We also ended up with some ants on our back porch too.

The Combat Source Kill Max Ant Gel is specially formulated. It is fast killing (but not so fast that they ants don't bring it to colony.) It will work within hours and lasts up to a month. You place the gel near ant trails, next to any nests, or in areas of suspected any activity. You can use as a spot or crack and crevice treatment for the indoor and outdoor control of ants. That is how I used it in my basement. We knew where the ants were coming in — we just had to figure out how to stop them coming in the very tiny hole they were. Combat did its job for us!

The Combat Source Kill Max Ant Bait kills most ants commonly found in homes. It kills them without messy residue and without insecticide odors. It also is a quick kill formula with long lasting ant killing power. It is also child resistant.

Combat is also holding a $1000 sweepstakes. They want to give one lucky winner $1000 to hold their very own Bug Free Backyard Bash. The Winner will also receive an assortment of Combat brand products to ensure that ants don't spoil their bash! You can enter and learn how to get rid of ant!

Since I like this product, I have arranged for one of my lucky readers to win a box of Combat Ant Gel. Here's what you need to do:

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