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Congratulations To Me!

Okay, enough with the politics stuff today. Instead, I have some way awesome news. I just made my last van payments after 5 years. We own the van free and clear. WOOHOOO!!!  My question is — what's going to break now.  LOL

Now, I would enjoy this a whole lot more if I wasn't sitting here with a box of tissues, some cough drops, and DayQuil. Everybody else in the house got sick last week, and I think I'm getting it now! Will started it with a double ear infection, and Madison has a bad cold.  Bill got sick over the weekend with his cold.  I wondering if we need to get pet insurance — Daisy seems to be the only healthy one!  I've got a big weekend coming up (I'll be heading to the Housewares show downtown), and I don't want to be sick!!!

Though on a better note, while picking up the tissues, Dayquil, and the cough drops this morning, I found some cute stuff to put in the kids Easter Baskets (Walgreens had Hello Kitty beanie babies!  How could I turn that down?).  I've come to the conclusion that you can buy almost anything at Walgreens nowadays (I wouldn't be surprised if they started selling cat insurance.  They had cat beds, food, toys, etc).

We've had a rough start this year.  I'm hoping that we can only go up from here!

3 thoughts on “Congratulations To Me!

  1. That does deserve a great big Woohoo! Good for you, but I have to ask, what is up with all the animal insurance stuff?! Cat insurance, horse insurance…I feel like I've missed an inside joke or something.

  2. Congrats on paying off the van! That last payment is such a wonderful feeling! You should take the amount you were paying monthly and start investing it in something – you're already used to putting that money aside, so why not use it to start a nice nest egg?

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