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Conquering your fears

It rained here last night. Hard. With Thunder and Lightening.

This is a recipe for disaster in my house. Madison is terrified of rain, storms, lightening, thunder, and tornadoes. Bill blames me. He doesn't get that his irrational fear of snakes is just like Madison's irrational fear of thunder and the such. I don't know how to make it better for her. You can't rationalize the irrational.

However, I can't tell her to do what I can't. I'm afraid of spiders. I huge, fat, black one climbed down my bathroom wall this morning. I almost didn't scream.  Bill was gone, so I knew that it was left to me.  I grabbed Madison's shoe (well, it was in the bathroom) and smushed it before the kids got up.  I didn't have a heart attack, it didn't attack me, all was well.

So my question to you all is, how do get a 6 year old to not be afraid of storms?  My conquering my fear of spiders for 3 seconds to smush one isn't quite the same.

3 thoughts on “Conquering your fears

  1. We went through this same thing last week, when an uncharacteristically brutal thunder storm hit the Mojave. I wound up defaulting to the ancient childhood fable. "It's just God bowling up in heaven." The guys love bowling, so they giggled and could relate. They did, however, want to know if God had to wear the funny shoes.

    Long term, I've always told the guys that everyone – even Mommy and Daddy – is afraid of something. Being brave doesn't mean you're not afraid, I say. Being brave means you're afraid but do it anyway. I haven't managed to get Big Guy to apply that to his allergy shots yet – he still whimpers every week – but they can at least recite my little homily.

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