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Costume Discounters

I am always on the lookout for great Halloween costumes for my kids. From year to year, they always want to be something different, so we start looking early. Madison decided she wanted to look at witch Halloween costumes. Who knew that there were so many witches to choose from? I know I didn't! Madison ended up deciding on becoming a Candy Corn Witch. And who could blame her? Look how cute she looks!

Now tell me that isn't the cutest witch you've ever seen? I love this costume. It is of a great quality and the hat actually comes with. I love that the bodice can be loosened and tightened depends on the size of your child. I also love that it is cute and unique! However, what I love most about Costume Discounters is their return policy. It is a little nerve wracking to order a costume online and wonder (aff) if its going to fit. However, they offer free size exchanges! With your costume there is a sheet that tells you exactly what you need to do!

I love Madison's costume. I love the bag that it came in (which will protect it well till Halloween). I am one happy camper with Costume Discounters!

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