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Costume Supercenter — Toy Story 3 Woody Costume

I like to plan ahead. That's why I have gotten Will's Boys Deluxe Toy Story 3 Woody Costume already! Will loves Toy Story 3 (aff) (and was Buzz Lightyear last year), so we pretty much knew that we were going to make him Woody this year. However, we did check out some of the other boys Halloween costumes like the Green Army Men and the Aliens. However, Woody was the best fit for us.

I love this costume. The majority of it is attached (like the vest and holster), so you don't have to worry about losing any parts! I couldn't get Will to put the hat on for the photo, but Madison did borrow it for her summer camp's talent show. He looks just like Woody! I also love that the boots fit right over the top of the shoes too. You don't have to worry about your child slipping on the fabric. I am impressed by the costume, and I can see us using it for dress up after Halloween! It's a costume that will last.

Finding Will's costume on Costume Supercenter was super easy. It took me less than five minutes to find the costume we wanted. It was easy to navigate and search for exactly what we wanted. If you are in need of costumes for this Halloween, I can only recommend them! I am very happy with the selection, the quality, and how fast it shipped to us!

7 thoughts on “Costume Supercenter — Toy Story 3 Woody Costume

  1. He looks like a little trooper posing for the camera! I have two grand daughters so it should be fun this year trying to find them stuff to wear. Thanks for mentioning the Costume Supercenter, I hadn't heard of that.

    I am working on a Halloween blog also, stop by if you get a chance. It is still in the works but if you got to http://www.gotguides.com I have some ideas you may be able to use.


  2. Big fan of toy story movies and might be the first costume for my newborn. Cool stuff. You have an excellent website.

  3. I've been flying from one blog to another checking on Halloween costume ideas and yours are great! Why not stop by and visit me I have some great Halloween costume ideas. See you there..Glinda

  4. 😛 The Woody costume sounds great. Ordering in advance is a great idea, you can get what you want in plenty of time before Halloween to make sure of a good fit and no problems with costume and the last minute.

  5. Thanks so much for your review of this costume! I have been looking for a quality Woody costume for my 3 year old and was afraid that they all looked cheap. After seeing the adorable picture of your little boy and reading your review, I think this costume will be perfect. Thanks again 🙂

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