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Countdown To Christmas: Atek Products

If you are a little geeky or even a lot geeky, you will like these next two products a lot.  I know I have enjoyed using them.

logio_secure_pas_48eaade9d8298_150x150The Logio Secure Password Organizer is one of those products that makes your life ten times easier.  We all know that we are suppose to use different passwords for each one of the sites, and we really should not make them too personal, so people cannot guess them.  However, if you do that, how do you remember them then?  I will admit that I don't follow the rules just because I don't remember my passwords otherwise.  Heck, I don't remember my passwords now, and I just use a variation of the same passwords on all the sites I am on.  That is where the Logio Secure Password Organizer comes in handy.  This is literally the size of a credit card.  It can easily fit into your pocket or your wallet.  It is very lightweight, yet it holds a huge punch.  It can hold all of your passwords for you.  All you need to do is remember one password to just get into it.  The data is protected by a sophisticated AES encryption implementation.  It hold over 200 records, and you will have no data loss if battery runs down.  I love that it generates random passwords automatically for you too (so you can change those ones that are the same all over).  There are just so many great features.

If you are a person who can't ever remember your passwords, use stickies all over your computer screen to remember your passwords, or use the same password everywhere (guilty!), then you need to get your hands on one of these.  The security knowing you'll not get hacked is worth every cent.

onboard_travel_k_48e5640dbccb3_150x150Another great product has to be the OnBoard Travel Keyboard. This keyboard easily attaches to your laptop. It has all the keys a regular desktop keyboard has. I like it because I have rubbed off the letters on my laptop's keyboard (yes, I use it that much). It even has separate numeric keys (just like your desktop's keyboard!). It easily fits into your laptop bag (I tried it in several of ours, and it fit all of them). It even has an inflatable palm rest to help you stay ergonomically correct.  It is also for use with Windows Vista, XP, 2000, and Mac OS X.  The USB cord wraps around keyboard inside cover for convenient storage, and it has a protective sliding cover.

Atek has some other great products that you should definitely check out.  However, these two products are winners for me.

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