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Countdown To Christmas: Barbie & The Diamond Castle

Let me start by saying up until now, I was not a huge fan of Barbie. As a kid, I didn't really play with her, and Madison is too little for them. I actually had no idea that Barbie even had DVDs out (and sold more than 58 million units!) till I came across Barbie & The Diamond Castle.  I was all ready to not like it.  However, I was surprised to find that I did like it (and the really sad thing is that I have one of the songs stuck in my head, and we watched it over two hours ago!).  The story was fast moving enough that it kept Madison's attention.  Will absolutely loved the dogs in this movie.  Ever time they came on the screen, he screamed and giggled.  The animation was great — they almost looked real.  At no point did the movie get too scary either (sometimes when bad things happen in movies it scares the kids).  I like the moral of the story too.  It was about friendship being the greatest gift of all.  The DVD didn't really push the moral either, but with the great story, really got it across.  The music in this movie is good too (see note above about having it stuck in my head).  Madison was singing the songs from it immediately after watching it.  After watching this movie, we will definitely be getting more Barbie movies.

One thought on “Countdown To Christmas: Barbie & The Diamond Castle

  1. Oh my, my daughter is going to want one of the diamond castles so bad! At least now I know what to get her next Christmas 🙂

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