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Countdown To Christmas: Bazzle Baby

Another website you should check out if you are pregnant or know someone who is Bazzle Baby (actually, if you have a toddler check it out too!)  They have some of the most sylish awesome products there.

Now, the first product of theirs I love is their Big Bib. This works great for babies. However, it works even better when your toddler is trying to feed themselves. That is where we are in my house, and I am always looking for great products that keep my son's clothes clean.  I love that the back of the bib is soft, so that if does touch your baby's skin, it won't be irritating.  It is also machine washable.  There are several styles that you can pick from too.  It is also very absorbant (which is really awesome when your son is trying to feed himself cereal and milk).  I love any product that allows me not to have to change Will's clothing several times a day.

Now, I love the Big Bib, but I absolutely adore the Banda Bid they have. I swear it is the cutest thing I have ever seen.  Like the Big Bib, the inside is soft, so if it touches your baby's skin, you shouldn't have an issues.  I love how it is stylish yet so very functional.  It is hard to keep a baby dry when they are teething, and this definitely does that.  I also love how people just assume it is part of the outfit you have your kids in.  This is also machine washable (which every mom has to love).  You can even have this set up right under their lip and protect their chins when they are drooling the worse (and hopefully avoid soreness and chafing).  I swear this is the most functional baby accessory I have ever seen.

Now, I don't have any of their burp cloths (though they call them burpers).  However, I am impressed with the quality of the two products I do have, so I know these should be just as good.  They too are super stylish.

This is definitely a site you need to check out for the babies in your life and their parents.

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