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Countdown To Christmas: Beverage Caddi

Ever come across something so brilliant yet so easy to use? The Beverage Caddi is that item for me.  I can't tell you how many times I've had my arms full plus I had to carry Will in from the car, and I have dropped my drink.  The Beverage Caddi is one of the items I seriously don't think I can live without anymore.  Instead of taking the chance of dropping your drink, you put it in here, and carry it in that way.  It no longer takes your entire hand — you can carry your beverage (be it a hot one or a cold one) with a single finger.  This is the perfect stocking stuffer for any busy mom, student, or anybody you know who is carrying in multiple items.  I personally can vouch that it works extremely well when you are carrying McDonalds food and a one year old.   “)

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  1. Hi and thanks for mentioning the CADDi.
    In looking at the photo I want to suggest that you gently pull the CADDi a bit higher up on the cup – raise the center of gravity.
    I'm so glad it's working for you. It is a simple little thing, but really does help!

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