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Countdown To Christmas: Creativity Express

If you are looking for software to purchase this Christmas, Creativity Express definitely should be on your list. The animators who created animated films like Mulan, Lilo and Stitch, and Sinbad have joined forces to create this game. The ages on it are from 7 and up. However, Madison (who is 4) and I were able to do play with this together. Creativity Express has 16 lessons on it. The lessons include movement, portraits, museums, making paint, etc. On top of having 16 lessons, there are also 30 hands on activities your kids can enjoy. Some of the activities include creating a comic book, a time capsule, and making crazy masks. With the software, you can easily store and share their artwork too!

The part that impressed me most with this software was that I found myself learning a lot about art. There was a whole section on what ingredients make up certain paint colors. I was really surprised at some of the ingredients. I learned that the impressionist era was the first time painters had paint in tubes. They no longer had to make it from scratch every time they painted which is why you find lots of outdoor paintings for that time period. The artists were able to take the tubes of paint out to their subject, and it was just easier for them. I could really go on and on about all the things I learned.

Creativity Express is software that will definitely keep your kids (and even you) occupied for hours.

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