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Countdown To Christmas: Cuskiboo

If you know any pregnant mommies this Christmas, you need to get them a Cuskiboo.  This is the softest lovie ever.  It also is suckable and also has a tag for the baby to play with.  It is made from special bamboo yarn.  It is also ultra absorbent, antibacterial, eco friendly, biodegradable, and easily packed for travel.  What more could you ask for?

Now, mommy and daddy should sleep with this first, so it can get your scents.  Then, you can give it the baby to enjoy.  The part I love the best is that this is machine washable, and anyone who has had newborns knows how important that is.  Now, you can buy these singly or in a duo pack.  I would recommend the duo pack myself.  That way, if one is in the wash, there still is the other one available.  Mommy can also use the baby's smell on this to help her breastfeed.

I know a pregnany mommy that I will definitely be getting one of these for.  I think it is an awesome idea, and I personally love that it is so environmentally friendly.  Also, since we travel so much, I love that it is small enough to fit inside your diaper bag quite easily.  Christmas, baby shower, baby birth . . . this makes a great present for all three!

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