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Countdown To Christmas: Environmentally Friendly

With having small children, I like to use products that save the environment.  I would like to give my kids a cleaner earth.  I have a couple products that do just that.

360_giftsetDid you know that vodka could be environmentally friendly? 360 Vodka is distilled using a state-of-the-art energy-efficient process at a carbon neutral facility.  The vodka is made from locally grown grains too.   It is packaged in a recycled glass bottle with chlorine-free recycled paper printed with soy- and water-based inks.  The holiday gift set comes in a terrific package that includes a booklet containing tips on being eco-minded and 60 watt CFL bulb!  They also donate $1 to environmental organizations for every returned bottle closure, work shortened work weeks, and plant oak trees.  Even though they do everything they can to be environmentally friendly, they don't compromise on taste either.  Don't believe me?  They won The Beverage Tasting Institute's Gold Medal for its International Review of Spirits Award.

groupsportsHappikins are another great way to help the environment.  These cloth napkins are made from 100% cotton.  Did you know that school cafeteries would save 18,760 pounds of unnecessary waste by using cloth napkins?  The average family also spends $200 annually in paper napkins.  Happikins come with 5 napkins and a zippered pouch to store the dirty Happikin.  My kids enjoy their Happikins, and you can get them in all different styles.  Another plus is that these are made is the US.

eco-bags-totes-with-quotes-talk-green-to-me-blackEcobags are another great eco-friendly product.  These are made with the Global Organic Textile Standards (certified organic cotton, recycled cotton canvas, hemp, hemp cotton blends, natural untreated and unbleached cotton and canvas as well as other natural, renewable fiber products and sturdy reusable sources).  I personally love the tote bags because of the sassy sayings on them.  Mine says “Talk Green To Me”.  The other ones say “Make Love Not Carbon” and “Nothing On Me Is Plastic”.  They also have several other product lines for dads, grads, and everyone else you need to buy girls for.

If you are wanting some great environmentally safe products, these three products are definitely worth looking into.

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One thought on “Countdown To Christmas: Environmentally Friendly

  1. I love these ideas. I really love the vodka one, just wish I had known about it a few days ago before I bought my sisters bf his present.

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