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Countdown To Christmas: Ethel Gloves

I personally have a lot of outdoor plants. I was actually outside cutting down a lot of my dead plants today. Since I am allergic to life itself, (Yes, you may laugh at that statement. However, I was allergy tested, and I was allergic to every single thing they tested me for,) I always wear gloves when doing any sort of yard work. I love my Ethel Gloves. First, I have super small hands. I never can find gloves that are 4 sizes too big.  However, these gloves fit like a charm (they also come in several sizes, so if you have bigger hands, they will fit you too).  Second, I love the feel of them.  The inside of these are super soft, so they actually feel nice to wear.  They also have elastic around the wrists.  For me, that is heaven sent, because when I am pulling weeds and dead plants out, I always get dirt into my gloves (which negates the use of the gloves most of the time).  With Ethel Gloves, I did not have that problem.  What is the thing I love most about these?  They are machine washable!

This definitely makes an awesome gift to the woman in your life if she does any sort of gardening outside.  We are always looking for fashionable gloves that fit well and do the job we need them to.  Ethel Gloves fits all of the above, so she'll love them!

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