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Countdown To Christmas: Fabkins

With children, it is amazing how many napkins you can go through at meal time. I have two kids, so double how many you are thinking in your mind. Until recently, I had no idea that there were companies out there that actually make cloth napkins for children. One of these companies is Fabkins, and these are some of the cutest cloth napkins you will find on the market. They have eight different styles, and each set comes with 5 napkins. There is a set for everyone (there is everything from ballerina to sports napkins). Most moms are doing the wash either every day or every other day (or is that just my house?), so throwing a couple of extra napkins into that load is nothing. I am game for using items that help save the environment, and this is one of them. It is just an added plus that they are cute and fashionable.  Most of all, the greatest thing about Fabkins is that your kids will want to use these!

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