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Countdown To Christmas: Frankie: The Walk 'N Roll Dog

A book you must have in your home is Frankie: The Walk ‘N Roll Dog. This story will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and it'll make you hug your pets and kids and tell them that you love them.  It also was just awarded National Best Book 2008 Award by USA Book News in the Children's Picture Book Non-fiction softcover category, so I am not the only one who thinks it is great!

This story is about a little dachshund.  We learn about how she met her family and what their family life was like.  We also learn about a terrible injury she endured (a ruptured disk in her back) and how she lost the ability to walk.  She had surgery with only a 30% chance of every walking again.  She outfitted with her wheels that you see on the cover of the book.  Now, I am not going to give away how the story ends, so you'll have to get the book to see if Frankie walks again.

The owner of this dog actually wrote the book, and it is a true story.  She is from Wisconsin (which is where I am from), so I personally identify with where this story takes place.  The illustrations in this book are awesome too.  The story is written at a level, so that all children can enjoy it and walk away with some good life lessons such as always look for positive solutions to overcoming and enduring challenges, don't feel sorry for yourself, and having compassion for the physically challenged.  These are three great lessons that our children (and even adults) should learn and live by.  This book also opens a line of communication between you and your children too.  I know that Madison, my 4 year old, had a ton of questions for us after we read this.

This is a book that I really think everyone should take a look at and read.  We can all benefit from the life lessons in here.

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