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Countdown To Christmas: Fretlight.com

prod_red451pro_sizedHave you ever wanted to learn to play guitar? If so, Fretlight is your answer.  You plug their guitars into your computer (PC or Mac) and off you go.  They teach you everything from scales into playing songs.  It is like Guitar Hero, but only with a real guitar instead!

Like I said above, the Fretlight guitars plug right into your computer.  After you install the software, you are able to go through the lessons and the neck of the guitar lights up.  You basically have a guitar teacher right there with you!  I have went through quite a few lessons and like everything else, the more you practice, the better you will get.  I loved that you are able to go back to the lessons at any point and repeat them.  You also can do a lesson as many times as you want if you are having problems with it.  They really take it down to a level of a person who has no music training.  However, even with a small amount of training, I didn't find it too easy or too hard.

This definitely make a great gift for yourself or anyone else wanting to learn to play guitar.  This makes a great unique gift for the person who has everything too!

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