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Countdown to Christmas: Gifts for Men

We all have those men in our lives that we never know what to get them.  Remington has three new products this holiday season that would make great gifts for any men in the family – from teenage boys to grandpa.  These gifts start off at $19.99, so they are not only affordable, they also make great stocking stuffers too!  Bill, my wonderful husband, has been trying out some these new Remington products for me over the last couple of weeks.

The PG-350 is a 7-in-1 personal groomer. It has everything the men in your life could want. It has 10 adjustable settings for clipping sideburns, necks and a variety of hair lengths, as well as five adjustable settings for all styles of facial hair — goatees, soul patches, light two-day stubble, moustaches or beards of any length. It also comes with ear and a nose hair trimmer for that hair we prefer not to know about. It is rechargeable.
Best of all is the price: $19.99. We liked it here because it is a really good groomer set. It looks very high quality and works ten times better than the set he had before (which was nowhere near as big and costed me a lot more).  He found it super easy to trim his goatee, and he highly recommends it.

Another cool product Remington has this season is the ShortCut Clipper. This is the first ever clipper system that lets guys cut their own hair without having to worry about missing spots on the back of their heads or even messing up their hair. It is actually pretty cool, because you use it like you do a comb, and you are able to adjust it to five different lengths. (I had to giggle when I saw the balding comb attachment, but people do need that). Cleaning this is such a breeze too. You just rinse them off! The cost for this is $29.99.

Lastly, there is the Flex360 electric shaver. This has be my most favorite shaver out there. Bill has tried out several electric shavers in the past and none ever give him a close enough shave in my opinion. By five o'clock, he would have a noticeable five o'clock shadow. In his line of work, that really isn't all too acceptable. However, with this razor, he does not have that problem! It also has a pop-up trimmer for precision grooming. The Flex360 also has worldwide voltage so men can easily use it wherever they travel.  We do a lot of traveling, and I have to admit, that this shaver makes me feel safer.  I always had to worry that the kids would get their hands on his razor and cut themselves.  With the kids now, I don't have to worry about this.  There are four models that range in price from $34.99 to $74.99, so you can get the one that best serves your needs.

We have owned Remington in the past, and it is a good high quality brand.  Any man in your life would be happy to open up one of these Christmas morning!

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