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Countdown To Christmas: 1-800-GloFish

The #1 gift this season has to be 1-800-GloFish. Now, we didn't wait for Christmas for this one, but my kids are absolutely in love with our new fishes.  Now, we have had fish tanks in the past (it is actually sitting in the attic), and they can be somewhat cumbersome.  However, 1-800-GloFish has really solved all my issues, and I couldn't be happier that we have this new tank.

The first thing that I love is how small the tank is.  It is 1.5 gallons and really can fit almost anywhere.  It doesn't take up a lot of room in your house (it is seriously the size of a houseplant!).  It also includes the filter, two plants, food, gravel, and water conditioner.  Now for anyone who has owned tanks before, all that stuff is normally an extra charge on top of what you've paid for the tank.  When I realized all of that came with the tank, I knew it was a winner. Oh yeah, the tank also comes with fish, and you get to pick how many fish too!  You can get a tank with 3, 6, or 9 fish in it.  Again, any other tank, the fish are extra.  With this one, 3 fish are included!  If you would like 6 or 9, there is an extra charge. The fish actually come in the box with the tank!

Now, I was impressed by the hardiness of these fish.  I'll be honest, I expected at least one fish to die (since in the past, we couldn't even get them home from the pet store without having issues).  Guess what?  Everyone is alive and well.  They are also beautiful fish.  We have neon orange, neon yellow, and neon green (the real color names are:  Starfire Red™, Electric Green™, and Sunburst Orange™).  They are bright enough that Will (my 17 month old) can easily see them.  He actually breaks out into uncontrollable giggles every time he sees the fish.  We currently have it in our kitchen, and he likes to sit on a chair and watch them and giggle.  Madison, my 4 year old, loves that she now has a pet!  Her job is to feed them at night which she takes very seriously.

I almost forgot, the coolest part of this tank is the lighting.  The tank has 3 lighting settings: Blue, Black and White light. Now, the white light just makes it look like any other tank. However, the blue light is awesome. When you turn the black light on, all of the fish glow. It is truly a beautiful site. Here's a couple of examples of what it looks like:

Now, I know I was wondering how hard it would be to set up the tank. Guess what? It took about an hour, and I did it by myself. Bill wasn't home, so I was able to set it up with the kids and me. Now, if I can handle it, anyone can.  Literally, all you have to do is plug the tank it, add the rocks and plants, and add the water.  You have to acclimate the fish to the water and then you are done.  It is just that easy!

Several people have seen our new tank, and everyone asks where we got it from!  It has been a huge hit in our house.  It is definitely a great talking point too.  If you have never had fish before or want fish and don't have room, I highly recommend getting a 1-800-GloFish tank.

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  1. I'm not much of a fish person, I'm more of a dog person. But my niece loves fish. She would think this is "totally cool".

  2. I love fish, bettas are my favorite. 9 fish in a 1.5 gallons of water is way too many though. General rule of thumb is 1 gallon of water per fish. Sometimes with small fish you can go for 2 per gallon. This is a really cute setup for a small space!

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