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Countdown to Christmas: Inkubook

For the person who has everything, Inkubook is another great gift for them.  I recently made one for my family, and we love it.  I made it of the kids without telling my husband.  When it was delivered today, I let him open it.  He loves it.  It was so cool looking at the kids pictures as they have grown up. There are a few things I did learn.  When it tells you the picture may not look good, it won't.  Trust me on that.  Also, make sure your clean up your pictures (like get rid of red eye) before you send them over.  They don't fix that. However, if you end up having any problems (I had a browser that wasn't clearing its cache), their support staff rocks.  They talked me through fixing it.  Also, the most time consuming part of this is when they upload your pictures (which you can do from both Flickr and/or your computer — how cool is that?  You are able to custom put your pictures in too or autofill.  Now, I used the autofill, and I was still able to move around the pictures where needed.  The site is pretty easy to use and navigate.  Overall, we love our new family album and are thinking of doing this for the grandmas for Mother's Day since I already have their Christmas presents bought.  This ends up being a great quality book that you can keep forever.

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