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Countdown To Christmas: Kid Craft Gifts

I have two of the hottest presents this year for kids.

Want to be the best present giver ever?  If you have any little girls you need to buy for this Christmas, the Hannah Montana Glitter Studio is sure to be a winner.  Now, the ages say 6 and up.  However, my 4 year old had a blast with this.  It has over 100 pieces to it.  There is everything from shimmer and shine art glaze to stencils to markers to message card.  There is even Hannah Montana stationary!  My personal favorite has to be the watercolors tray that is in the shape of a guitar.  Any Hannah Montana fan would love this!  All moms will love this, because it is all washable!

Another favorite this year will be the Sour Candy Factory. As an adult, I even want to play with this.  This kit includes everything you need to make the most sour candy possible.  You get a star, heart and sports molds.  You get lollipop sticks, a dropper for liquid sweets, and three over the top flavors:  sour grape, rockin' raspberry, and wild watermelon.  Lastly, you get what holds the candy together:  corn syrup, gelatin, and citric acid.  Mom doesn't need to run out and get anything.  Some of the candy you can make includes lollipops, liquid candy, and even squishy homemade marshmallows!

If you need something for the kid who has everything, both of these will make great gifts!

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