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Countdown To Christmas: Olive Sandwiches – The Christmas Stuff

Ever hear of Olive Sandwiches? If not, you are missing some of the funniest things out there. They offer a broad line of retro-humor products for women of all ages. Seriously, there is something for everyone, and you don't have to have a weird sense of humor like me to enjoy it (or even to find it funny).  I recently tried out two of their products (actually, at the same time too!).  First, I tried out the bath salts.  They smell good.  I also locked myself in the bathroom, so I could truly enjoy them and give an unbiased review (now, the hubby didn't believe that, but I still locked myself in there).  You know you have a great bath salt when it makes you laugh at the packaging.  I included the image that I thought extremely funny.  For my bath, I tried out the brown sugar fig and truly enjoyed it.  While I was enjoying my bath without interruption, I also tried out some of Olive Sandwiches Chocolates.  These too have funny sayings on them like I taught Santa Everything He Knows and Visions of Sugar Daddies Danced In Her Head.  These organic chocolate bars taste awesome.  Now, you don't have to eat them while you are in the tub like I did, but I got to enjoy some alone time with chocolate, relaxation, and humor.  Thank you Olive Sandwiches!

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