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Countdown To Christmas: Orbit

Do you own an iPod? I do, and my biggest complaint is that I don't always have a something to plug it into to listen. I don't always want to use my headphone. Most of the docking stations that are out there are both expensive and huge. Most people, including myself, don't have room for those. I also don't want to be having to carry my docking station from room to room either. The Orbit is the answer. It weights less than 7 oz yet sounds just as good as any speaker you've ever used. It easily fits into a large pocket. It connects to iPods, MP3 players, laptops, and even has a 2 (aff).5 mm adapter for use with mobile phones! You don't have to worry about having to find a plugin either — it takes just three AAA batteries which allow for up to 24 hours of straight playtime.

In my house, we use this in the kitchen.  I don't have a lot of counter space, so we wanted something that was little yet still sounded good.  For us, the Orbit works perfect.  I love that I can easily take it into the living room with me too.  For a speaker this small, it has incredible sound.  It is actually quite impressive.  It even comes with a travel carrying case, so you can take this everywhere you go!  This makes both a great gift for yourself or any music lover you know!

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