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Countdown To Christmas: Paper Products

I have several paper products that are must haves this Christmas season.

holiday_cardsI absolutely love Moo.com‘s holiday cards.   These packs have 25 different holiday designs.   You are able to add your own message to the inside and upload your own logo or photo.  These can be used for family, friends, and business.  I found them super cute, and I have many plans them.  The paper is high quality too.

Moo.com also has sticker books that Madison couldn't get enough of. I loved that the stickers are printed on individual tear-out sheets (6 to a sheet). I could control how many stickers she got to play with at one time (and didn't have to worry I'd find them all over the place). You get to choose from six different colors for the books, and you can even customize the stickers in the books too!

Lastly, I got some of the MiniCards.  Now, these can be used as business cards.  I see a lot of bloggers hand out their MiniCards at blogging conventions.  The really cool thing is that you can upload the images that you see on the back side of these cards.  I've got some great MiniCards that I am going to use as gift tags, since they are very Christmasy.  I also love that these come in their own heavy duty box, so you don't have to worry about losing them.

mama_cards_summer_dayAnother great site to check is Mabel's Labels.  Two the products I recently tried out from are the Mama cards and the holiday labels.  The Mama cards are awesome.  With Madison in preschool, we try to set up playdates for the kids all the time.  The problem is that none of us ever have a pen on us to exchange cell phone or even home phone numbers.  It is so nice to just be able to hand someone card!  I was able to put that I was Will's and Madison's Mom on there, and I just put my cell phone and my home phone number.

hgtfestive_sparklesAnother product I am using this year are the Holiday gift tags. I love these for several reasons. First, they are stickers, so I don't have to use tape to get them stick down. They are very brightly colored. I love the designs on them. I also love that you can get them preprinted to say what you want. Mine say “Merry Christmas! Love (my last name)”. However, you order them to say whatever you want.

thumbnailaspxHauteMammas.com are a line of inventive and creative stationery products. They have everything a mom can use from mom cards to preprinted babysitter lists to thank you cards to notecards and address labels.  These are made of high quality paper and have some extremely stylish designs.  Instead of fumbling around for this information, HauteMammas.com has made it all right at your fingertips.

These three companies have a ton of great products to check out.  This is just a small sample of what they have, but you definitely should use them.

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