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Countdown To Christmas: PillowcaseGram

I am all about finding gifts for people who have everything or the person you have no idea what to buy them.  My mom is one of those people who never gives you any ideas.  It drives me crazy.  However, when I came across this pillowcase from Pillowcasegram, I knew I had to get it.  My mom is a Vegas freak.  My parents go there every year, and my mom loves the slot machines.  Pillowcasegrams can be sent in a special gift box and will include your personal message typed out on a telegram, or you may choose to send them in a regular envelope. There are many different themes you can pick from too.  I could have spent an entire day on their site just going through the themes.  There are some pillowcases (like the one I chose) that you can get custom embroidery done on too.  The fabric that these pillow cases are made of is high quality cotton.

This is a gift you don't have to worry about anyone else getting.  Everyone can use pillowcases, so this is definitely a gift that will be used.  I can't wait till Christmas, so I can give this to my mom!

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  1. Great gift idea for your Mom! It looks as though there'd be something for everyone… perhaps a golf theme for a guy would be good too….

    One year I made 'Christmas' fabric pillowcases for everyone in the family and some of us still use them… kids especially love to use them for the whole month of December – while dreaming of gifts Santa might bring!

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