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Countdown to Christmas: Presto

I was able to get my parents one of the best Christmas presents ever (actually, she got it early, so I could review it for you)! My mom is not too technologically inclined. She doesn’t know how to work her DVR or turn on their computer. My parents all have dialup, so if I send them pictures, it takes way to long for them to download them. Since we only see them once a month, they miss out on a lot of things. For example, Madison somehow whacked herself in the face the other night with her pumpkin flashlight (and she was in her room suppose to be sleeping). She gave herself two cuts, black and blue marks, and a fat lip. I was able to take a picture, but had no way to show them until now.
Presto has made it super easy to send pictures to people without computers, who have seriously slow internet connections (that would be all of you with dial up), and people who are not technologically inclined. Set up for the printer took around five minutes. I was able to go online and set up the account while my sister was setting up the printer for my mom. Now, you are able to call in the information if you don’t have an internet connection too. To make the Presto Printer work, all you need is an analog phone line, paper, and a print cartridge. The Presto Service includes an @presto (aff).com email address and unlimited incoming email, photos, and other content. You will not get spam either. The only people who can send things to print off have to be included on your friend list! (I wish regular email worked that way. Think how nice that would be!). You also are able to set up five times a day for it to check and see if you have any messages.

Over the last two weeks, I have sent several pictures over to my parents (especially the one I talked about above). It was nice that I could show them. Now, we just visited them this weekend, so I could see the quality of the pictures. I am impressed. My mom could tell that Madison had a fat lip. She could also see when (aff) Will got his hair cut. Instead of missing that milestone, she really got to be a part of it!

This is truly the perfect gift for someone who does not have high speed internet, doesn’t have a computer, or is not technologically inclined. If my mom can do, anyone can.

3 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas: Presto”

  1. I've seen these on tv but wasn't sure if they really worked. Good to know that you had success with it. We're fortunate that we have a close by Grandma and a far away tech savvy Grandma otherwise this would make a great gift.

  2. Dear Lisa,

    Thanks for the nice review and I'm glad you are enjoying your Presto Mail service and Printing Mailbox. I thought you and your readers would like to know about something that has changed since you've adopted Presto: the all new PrestoConnect account manager web site.

    Besides just checking on ink and paper status, you can now preschedule messages, reminders or to-do lists for future delivery (think: Doctor's appointment reminders, medication-to-take lists, etc.).

    You can also monitor email traffic flow from your entire family to Mom (and "nudge" those slackers that need to send Mom a letter!) plus get delivery confirmation via return email.

    PrestoConnect is a central place on the Web that transforms Presto from being "a great way to keep Mom in the loop" into a great way to preserve your sanity and use the Web to help keep your loved one happy and healthy.

    And, this major upgrade was given to all Presto account managers a few days ago. Just sign in to your account to see. For more info, see:

    Thanks for having such a great blog,

    Peter Radsliff
    CEO, Presto Services Inc.

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