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Countdown To Christmas: PrismaPixels

One of the gifts I plan on getting Bill this Christmas is called PrismaPixels. For those who don’t know, Bill is an electrical engineer who loves to do logic puzzles. Anything that involves math and logic, he is there. PrismaPixels is nothing like you have seen before. Each puzzle has numbers along the top and along the side of it. These numbers will give you clues about which and how many boxes to color in. If you color all the boxes correctly, you will see a picture.

The rules for this kind of puzzle are fairly easy. First, those numbers I talked about before, represent the number of consecutively colored boxes of the same color in that row or column. The colored boxes and group of boxes occur in the same order as the numbers. There must be at least one blank box between two sections of the same colored boxes. There may or may not be one or more blank boxes between two sections of different color boxes.

Once you get the puzzle book, all these rules are listed. There is also a couple of pages of tips (and images), so you can learn how to do these puzzles. Now, by following the directions, I even figured out how to do these! These puzzles do require you to think, but are pretty fun to do.

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