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Countdown to Christmas: Puppetivity Pal

The Puppetivity Pal is a great gift for babies and even toddlers.  It is big enough to be used as a puppet, and also sits up on its own, so babies can enjoy it.  There is just so many things on here to play with.  The ears crinkle (which makes Will giggle every time).  If you press the heart, the puppy barks.  If your little one is teething, one paw on this puppy is a teether while the other paw is rattle.  The tail squeaks.  There is also a mirror on the foot, so your little one can look at themselves (and giggle).  What I like best is that it has a link on the back that allows you to attach The Puppetivity Pal to any stroller, diaper bag, etc.  This is one of the softest stuffed animals I have ever felt too.  Will likes to just hug this like a little baby and carry it around.  I love that I don't have to worry if he falls with it, because it is sooo soft.

This is a great affordable gift for this Christmas season.

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