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Countdown To Christmas: Skincare

We are all looking for products out there that will help our skin.  I have a couple of products that you definitely should check out for all your skincare needs.

go-go-beautyGo! Go! Lotions are personal care products that are high quality, have plant based ingredients, and are themed to celebrate diversity. Now, these lotions are scented. However, it is so lightly done that my perfume sensitive husband can still breath if I have it on with him around. None of the lotions have been tested on animals either. All of the ingredients are biodegradable, none are derived from animals (with the exception of honey and bee pollen), and all of their packaging is recyclable.  They also donate $100 to Women for Women International for every 200 bottle sold!  I have been using this on my hands in this dry winter weather, and they still look great thanks to my Go! Go! Lotion.

omegaeAnother great product to try is O Mega Body Oil. They also contribute a portion of their profits to the Reach Leukaemia Appeal at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in London. This product is super easy to use — just rub it all over yourself right after you get out of the shower, and it locks in the moisture.  It also has an awesome sticker on here saying “no nasties”.  That means it is paraben free, petroleum free, sodium laureth and sodium laurel sulphate  free, colourant free, and synthetic fragrance free.  I do have to mention another product that this company has, and it is called “boob tube”.  Anything that keeps the girls moistured is a good thing in my book.  This company has an awesome sense of humor which just makes me want to use their products more.  For example, if you read the description for the boob tube, it makes a comment about it being your new BFF.  BFF stand for books best friend.  I love it!  I also love that all of Mama Mio's products are all about moms and making us look and feed better about ourselves.  You don't have to worry about your skin drying out his winter using Omega Body Oil, and I highly recommend it.

age-defenseLastly, we have the Osmotics's Cosmeceuticals and their Age Defense 24/7 products.  I have been blessed with good genes, so I have always looked younger than I am.  Even so, there is nothing wrong with me trying to remain young looking.  Age Defense does exactly that.  There is everything you need to keep your body looking good and products for the morning and the evening.  This definitely made my face feel a lot softer and a lot less dry (which is a big problem I have, and it only gets worse in the winter).

These are three skincare products that will definitely keep your skin baby soft.  I highly recommend trying the all out.

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6 thoughts on “Countdown To Christmas: Skincare

  1. Thanks for your recommendation about skin care products. We can also add organic natural skin care products in our consideration as Christmas specials.

  2. @marcus

    exactly it all starts on how you preserve and take care of your skin. From a simple task of keeping it clean and oil free to enhancing it and providing the sufficient things that your body cannot provide.

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