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Countdown To Christmas: Skoodlez

Another affordable toy out there on the markets this year can be purchased at Macy's. At $14.99, Skoodlez makes a great toy for your kids or a grab bag, and can be given to kids 4 – 12. The stuffed animal has weighed down hands and feet, so you can easy pose them and hang them.  The cool part is that there is a coin handing around the stuffed animals neck.  You take the code off the coin and use that to access the online world.  On the site, children are challenged to create their own stories.  There are three different settings, so you can taylor it to your child's age.  Beginner is from 4 – 6, medium is from 7 – 9, and advanced is 10 – 12.  When they finish their story, they can share them Skoodlez community.  They can also print them out.

This makes the perfect gift for the kid who has everything.  The Everday Skoodlez line includes fifteen animals:  hippo, cat, dog, mouse, duck, lion, tiger, leopard, panda, bear, zebra, giraffe, monkeys, and elephant.  There is also twenty four holiday ones.  They is definitely something here for everyone.

2 thoughts on “Countdown To Christmas: Skoodlez

  1. My daughters each received a skoodlez for their birthdays this summer, but we have not been able to access the website to write stories. This sounds like a wonderful online toy, but we can't figure out how to use it! skoodlez.com takes us to a page that says the site is not completed yet. Does anyone have any idea of what we are doing wrong? We'd love some help! 🙁

  2. I love the part where kids can join a Skoodlez community where they can share stories. As long as adults keep their eyes on them and watch out for the inevitable perverts posing as kids it could be a really great experience for young children as it would draw out their writing skills.

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