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Countdown to Christmas: Smart Mom Jewelry

All the moms out there can tell you what it is like to wear jewelry and have little ones who are constantly trying to chew on it or stick it in their mouths.  Often times, it is more frustrating than its worth, so we don't wear jewelry at all.  I find that Will, even at 17 months, still tries to put my necklaces in his mouth.  This is where Teething Bling come in for the rescue.  Teething Bling was made for children to handle and chew.  It is made out of the same material that teething rings are made from!  It is lead free, dishwasher safe, and federally approved.  You can get a key chain, a bangle, and/or a necklace (and you can buy these all separately or as a gift pack).  These are all things us moms use regularly.  Now, we get to be stylish using them which has to be my favorite part.  There are several different colors and patterns you can choose from, so you can find something that really matches you and your personality (and your clothes too).    Kids like this just as much as moms do.  This is definitely a gift a new mom would enjoy for either her baby shower or a Christmas gift!

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