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Countdown To Christmas: Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock

Can I say that I absolutely love this alarm clock? This is an alarm clock that every kid needs in their room. Kids as young as 3 can even use this!  Teach Me Time!  Talking Alarm Clock is an alarm clock, a teaching tool, and a nightlight!

How can it be all that?  Easy!  For kids that are 3-5, you are able to set the clock, and you can set it to be a yellow glowing nightlight.  Now, if you don't want the kids getting up super early, you tell them they can't get up till the clock light turns green.  Now, I didn't think that would really work, but it does!  Well, it does for my four year old who thinks this clock is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Now, for kids that are 5-7 years old, there is a talking game (which we tried to play with Madison, but it was pretty hit or miss for her.)  The alarm clock shows both digital and analog time, so it helps them learn to tell time.  I am hoping that if we keep working on it with Madison that she get it at some point.  Now, if your kids are over 7, the talking alarm clock works as a fully functioning alarm clock with a snooze button!

This alarm clock is a must have.  It has three different bezels (blue, pink, and yellow) that you can interchange.  This is not made with lead paint.  It has adjustable volume too.  You can even change the brightness of the nightlight.  For us, this alarm clock keeps my daughter in bed longer, and we love it.

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